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Submitted on
May 9, 2008


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Each article of Digital Mixed Media Monthly will feature some of the best artists and artworks from the Digital Art > Mixed Media Gallery submitted in the past month.

Thank you to those who have helped in choosing the thumbs and artists to be featured!  By having more than one member help with the articles I hope to provide a wide range of styles/techniques giving a broader example of what can be found in the Digital Art > Mixed Media Gallery, and to help with the continuing education of what is and isn't Digital Mixed Media.

Remember these are only works that consist of 2 or more combined digital mediums (3d, photos, painting, etc.) from the Digital Mixed Media Gallery.

:gallery:Educate: Digital Mixed Media:gallery:

Features Chosen by 3ddream:
.Catharsis. by LindowynIce witch and her pet by lryiuRelentless by CherishedMemories:thumb82256179:Adore III by waver-h:thumb80218537:Transported by patriciabrennansex o'clock by Paula-Rosa

Features Chosen by Dawn42:
Waterfall Castle matte art by fstarnoFactory again by hicky2Ant-Hill by merl1nczDimentia by MNLboyI had a nightmare on march 15 by DoThat:thumb79484470:Cloud Nine by Volture:thumb79470739::thumb79840410::thumb79776013:Pride by yoshi0222

Features Chosen by bitchinblack:
:thumb79894673:Colorful baseball by RoyHoesCloudy by twistedherowhat will become of us by AnextLeather and Linen by MollindaXtacy by embrace1Volucris by CassiopeiaArtone fragile dream by lucid-ser:thumb80242573:radiance by cjamesWhy does it always rain on me? by FictionNOR:thumb80581606::thumb80686708:We Are Not Your Angels by jake

Features Chosen by monatorgersen:
Let There be Bulb by Virus69Funambulist by Aegis-StrifeOut of reach by Aegis-StrifeLeather and Linen by Mollindabad habits by mbymVisual Overdose by SR-27The Bewitching by devilmarquisMuse Print by Nonsense-Prophet:thumb80445823::thumb79133135:my favorite book was dirty by Arisashi:thumb79894673:Patchwork by AngelinaArt

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Digital Mixed Media Monthly:
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i wish i had that talent XD
Mollinda May 10, 2008   Traditional Artist
Oh my Gosh thankyou so much for the feature... twice! :heart: It means the world :cuddle:
CamaroGirl666 May 10, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
amazing !!!! :+favlove:
delicious, simply delicious *¬*
Awesome choices! :clap:
I :heart: Mixed Media.... Great choices!
streetmilo May 10, 2008
Some interesting pictures here :)
xCoffeeAddict May 10, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
wow,amazing feature :heart:
beautiful collection.

one of the best article that I just love reading.
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