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Submitted on
April 3, 2007


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With the new Digital Art Mixed Media Gallery now in place I will be writing a montly article to showcase some of the best Mixed Media artworks submitted each month.  Each article (with the exception of this one) will feature artworks selected not only by myself but also kuschelirmel and some of you.  

For Vol. 1 I have chosen to feature several works from a few of the sub categories to show a wide range of styles/techniques, to give a good example of what can be found inside the new Digital Mixed Media gallery, and to help with the continuing education of what is and isn't Digital Mixed Media.

Remember thse are only works that consist of 2 or more combined digital mediums (3d, photos, painting, etc.) from the Digital Mixed Media Gallery.

Onto the artworks...

Images submitted to this category should focus on color and/or form to represent the subject.  Photorealistic content should not be part of this category. (Mandalas belong in this category.)
Abstract I by fourteenthstar:thumb52111087:Wintersong by NaBHaN:thumb51123031:I'm Sorry by Artico621When I'm Tired by Artico621:thumb52303926:

Animals & Plants:
Images focusing on the depiction of animals (mammals, insects, fish etc.) and/or plants (flowers, trees etc.)
Freedom by MCKrauss

Images where the artist's intent is to convey a concept rather than focus on the subject shown.
Veronica - abstract-vector by TiBaY:thumb52266971::thumb52249622::thumb52190311:

Images with the intent to convey an emotion such as sadness, happiness, joy, sorrow, loss, etc.
Moon Light Escape by SkyesFantasyUniversal Ego by xixelNowhere Man by Aegis-StrifeI feel love.. by NaBHaN

Images focusing on the depiction of a fantasy theme (for example fairies, elves, dwarves, gods/goddesses, mythological creatures, etc.)
Wishful Thinking by ImaginedMomentsMortadelos by GebtionaryBlast to Heaven by Sajuuk7Jungle Warrior by Keriberrygirl:thumb52035206:

Landscapes & Scenery:
Images depicting an expanse of scenery generally found outdoors or derived from fiction.

Science Fiction:
Images focusing on a science fiction theme.  The name being a combination of science and fiction already suggests its nature as often dealing with technologically advanced people on earth, or on other planets, and how they master their lives.
:thumb52278050:Attack of the ... by DesignsByEve

For more information on the new Digital Art > Mixed Media Gallery please read the official news announcement.
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:giggle: Thanks for including on of my pics sweetie! Great article :)
Thank you Sue for Featuring one of mine. Lots of other beautiful features here also and will be looking forward to more news on this new gallery. :hug:
Thanks hon and you are very welcome :heart:
miss-angelicfairy Apr 9, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
really amazing picture here dear Susan...some preciosity's....keep up yur great job....
Do you have any idea how flattered and honoured I am for you to include me in this feature? :love:
Your work is beautiful, :heart: I was really glad to see you submit to the mixed media gallery :hug:
savagebinn Apr 5, 2007   General Artist
Really nice selections. :)
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