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Stitch Kit Brushes by cosmosue Stitch Kit Brushes by cosmosue
Grab it HERE [link]

The "Stitch Kit" by Sveva!

- 156 Photoshop 7+ Brushes Total

- 57 of the brushes are unique stitch styles

- 99 of the brushes are the original 57 with different dynamics applied, giving the brush the look of a different type of stitch!

- 10 PS Styles to apply after you use the brushes!
The Styles are meant as a starting point, in most cases you will need to adjust them to suit your needs by double clicking the layer you applied the style to.

These brushes & styles were created for use on a template to texture clothing, they were created to work best on templates around 2000px - you may need to resize slightly if you work smaller or larger

Great for Scrap Booking too!

Each brush has been saved to the set with and without dynamics you can alter the dynamics to suit your needs in the brush properties within PS.

Yes - These brushes WORK in PS7+

You can freehand paint with mouse or tablet, or use the pen tool to create paths and "stroke" the path. Holding down the shift and clicking somewhere else on your canvas will create a straight line

Feel free to alter the dynamics and styles for your projects! Not all styles will look good on all brushes and will need to be adjusted.

Thank you for your interest in my products!
CptnEdge Featured By Owner May 6, 2016
Will they work in CS4 version and are they ABR?
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March 26, 2012
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